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Been there.
Done that.

Our watches are set to news cycle time.

When our phone rings late at night our deadline driven team is ready to respond as every minute counts.  We have been the trusted and confidential advisors to politicians, corporate stakeholders, athletes and business owners counseling them to prevent and to manage crisis situations.

We help clients prepare for, prevent, and manage public facing crisis

Leadership team

We prepare, counsel and work through the most complex situations

As former journalists very familiar with high pressure environments, Crisis Strategy Group has now advised dozens of high-profile clients through the most challenging of crisis. From corrupt (challenged) politicians to transportation accidents and neighborhood activism to recalled products, CSG has been there to prepare, counsel and work through the most complex situations.

Jason Erkes and Dennis Culloton are longtime colleagues and entrepreneurs behind the Crisis Strategy Group. They’ve combined their decades of crisis communications and crisis management experience to offer senior expert counsel to clients when they most need it.

As young major market broadcast journalists and then as media and political advisors, Erkes and Culloton learned that business leaders and public officials could make or break their reputations and their futures with proactive communications strategies.

Focused, expert crisis planning and representation

Award winning communicators

Jason Erkes

After a decade as an Emmy-Award winning journalist in Chicago broadcast news, Jason took on the role of an entrepreneur, turning around a defunct recreational sports marketing company into one of the country’s premier organizations serving young professionals. At the same time, he consulted and counseled for his high profile network of political and business contacts, including serving as an advisor for several local and national politicians and leading an award-winning effort to manage a national crisis for a newly appointed US Senator. Erkes also consults national brand companies on marketing to the millennial generation. In recent years, Erkes helped guide entrepreneurs entering the medicinal marijuana industry and the legalized cannabis industries as well as leading the effort of a celebrity chef driven edible line.  He understands the challenges this highly scrutinized industry faces and brings years of expertise to help guide companies in this emerging industry.

Dennis Culloton

After an award winning news career, Dennis was a corporate communicator, chief spokesman for Chicago’s Airport System, press secretary for an embattled Governor, and after several years as a partner in a Chicago Public Affairs firm, started his own firm, Culloton Strategies, where he has built a practice focused on counseling top CEOs and entrepreneurs in sports, business and politics.

Here for you

It was that recent entrepreneurial turn that prompted Erkes and Culloton to form a partner company, Crisis Strategy Group, based on the proposition that burgeoning new industries, established brands and serial entrepreneurs alike all deserve focused, expert crisis planning and representation. From preparing investors to compete in new highly competitive, regulated and politicized markets; to helping business owners through product recalls, disasters or activist protests; to advising top executives faced with major litigation or investigations, Erkes and Culloton have seen it all.

Business leaders making the choice to engage Crisis Strategy Group will never be overtaken by events, the only really unforgivable mistake for an executive competing in the fast-paced marketplace.